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TV and Monitor Risers

Have you recently bought a new TV, but then realized it is too big to fit into your entertainment center? Or, perhaps you do not have an entertainment center, but still want your TV to be up off the ground?



After all, a TV on the ground does not really work out so well. You will not be looking at the picture head on, so you might not see everything that is going on, and you may even get a neck ache from trying to look down all the time.

You could sit on the floor and watch TV, but why would you want to do this when you have a perfectly good chair or couch right there? Well, there may very well be an answer for you, and this answer is a TV riser

TV risers are a very simple concept, but is one that has very worthwhile results when utilized. Basically, all it consists of  is a platform on which you can set your TV. There are all kinds of TV risers out there, from small ones to big ones, from CRT to LCD TVs, and even kinds of computer monitor risers! 

So, no matter what size TV you have, whether it be a little bitty flat screen or a huge big screen LCD, you can get a TV riser to work perfectly with it. There are some considerations to think about before you are ready to go shopping though, and here are the major ones.

First off, what size is your TV or computer monitor? Remember to shop for TV risers that fits your LCD TV size, both in terms of size and weight. There are varying sizes of television risers available, so it doesn't matter if you have a 26 inch TV, 42 inch TV or massive 65 inch TV 

 tv risers      tv riser      tv risers      monitor risers 

It is important that you do not try to balance a huge TV on a tiny stand, but it is also important that you do not try to stick hundreds of pounds on a TV riser built for 25 pounds. This could end up in your new television or computer monitor getting damaged, which would be a worst case scenario.

You should also figure out how high off the ground you want your computer monitor or TV to be. Do you want it up five inches, one foot, or even two or three feet? However high it is, you will now know what size of TV riser to look for as far as height is concerned. It is very important to do this measuring beforehand so that you don’t waste money on TV risers that are too big or too small. 


 tv riser

 lcd tv riser

 computer monitor riser

And finally, there is style to consider. Is there any particular material you want your television riser to be made out of, such as wood or metal?



And if there is, what color would you want it to be? Do you want the wood to be stained, or do you want it to be painted? 


 computer monitor riser

 television riser

 monitor riser

These questions might not have to do with the functionality of the TV risers, but they are questions that are good for you to ask if you care about what goes into your living room on a visual level.

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